What are Heirloom Seeds?

An heirloom seed is a seed that has been passed down for many years (sometimes well over 100) through family and friends.  The seed varieties are kept alive because the grower feels that the plant offers something valuable...better flavor, higher yield, unusual color, etc.  The fruits of each season are carefully examined and sorted so that only the seeds from the best vegetables are saved.  This means that heirloom varieties today are the ones that are the best tasting, highest producers, and/or the most beautiful...lucky us! All heirloom seeds are open-pollinated; that means that the seeds can be harvested, saved, and grown the next year to produce the same fruit.  

When selecting your heirloom varieties, take into account the length of your growing season.  All of our heirloom varieties will grow in the continental United States.  Some varieties need a longer season than others, however, and to get the best yield, you'll want to match up the shorter season/early varieties to areas where you have a shorter summer, and the heat resistant varieties to the very southern states.  

Our Heirloom Samplers and Collections

We began offering our heirloom seed samplers to give gardeners a chance to try more varieties, at a lower cost than buying full size packages.  We know that the more varieties you try, the more you'll fall in love with heirloom gardening!  Each variety in our samplers is individually packaged, in resealable bags.  Some collections, like our Salsa Collection, include extras like Tomato Bob's Salsa Recipe. Our $98 Special, is for the family of 4 to grow enough food for a year.  Our Peppers of the World Collection gives you a chance to try hot/sweet peppers from the four corners of the world.  So take a minute to look through our sampler page.  We think you'll find something you'll want to try!


Heirloom Seed Samplers

What are Heirloom Seeds?

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