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What are Heirloom Seeds?

A guide to selecting and growing your flower and herb garden seeds

Growing Herb Garden Seeds Indoors

Have you ever been in the middle of cooking dinner and wished you had some basil handy?  Well, with a beautiful indoor herb garden, you can have delicious herbs at your fingertips year-round.  Heirloom herbs may grow a little more slowly indoors than out, but that's perfect for the cook who just wants to snip a little bit at a time.  

1) Choosing your herb varieties.  Not every variety of herb will do well indoors.  Some heirlooms that we suggest for your indoor garden are: chives, garlic chives, oregano, any of our basil varieties, mint, lemon mint, thyme and sage.  Snip a little as you need it, and these heirloom herbs will last for months.

​2)Selecting a container.  We suggest a 6" deep container that has drainage holes.  Fill your container with a good potting soil (we like ProMix) and place it in a tray about 1-2" deep.  The best way to water is to fill the bottom tray, and let the water get soaked up into the soil from the bottom.

3) Once your soil is moist, plant your seeds and cover the pot with plastic wrap until the seeds sprout, then remove the plastic. Continue watering from the bottom as the plants grow.  Be very careful not to over water...always err on the side of being a little dry.

4)  Keep your herbs in a sunny window (preferably Southern facing).  They need about 6 hours of sun every day.  If they start to look a little pale, use a fertilizer diluted to 1/2 strength every other week.  If you see any flowers on your herbs, cut them off.  You don't want the plant putting its energy into flowers.

We hope this was helpful.  I love my little kitchen herb garden, and I think you'll find you use yours every time you cook!